Sunrise at Zabriskie Point Death valley series

As well as being a curious film by Antonioni (1970), Zabriskie Point is an elevated overlook of a colorful, undulating landscape of gullies and mud hills at the edge of the Funeral Mountains, a few miles from the edge of Death Valley - from the viewpoint, the flat salt plains on the valley floor are visible in the distance. In the past it was possible to drive right to the edge of the overlook, and several minutes of the film was set there, but since then a new larger car-park has been constructed lower down and visitors now have a short walk uphill. Most people do little more than briefly admire the scenery, which is best at sunrise, but it is possible to climb some of the adjacent hills to get a better overall view, or wander down amongst the variegated dunes. A foot-path leads through the mounds, down a ravine and into Gower Gulch after 2 miles, while another branch veers right into Golden Canyon.

Kirit VoraComment