Bokeh on a beautiful Model

Last summer july I wanted working on a photographic technic known as Bokeh,(
Here somethings are in extreme sharp focus while things just behind are out of focus and this is best done by a Lensbaby ( tilt-shift lenses.
So I got my favorite beautiful model, our grand daughter Uma.
She had just finished her breakfast on a sunny morning and she grabbed her Grand mothers gold necklace and wanted to put that on. The Grand ma was too pleased to oblige.
The image was taken with Canon 1ds markIII and lensbaby composer.

Even if I say it my self, this image has a remarkable Bokeh effect what with strands of hair and even eye brow in ultimate sharpness while the back hair (3 inches back) is out of focus. Note the specks of breakfast near lips.
This is best seen in the link below and maximize your browser to the largest size to appreciate this.

here is the link

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